Charlotte Wedding Company: Personalizing Your Party is Our Specialty

Everyone wants a memorable wedding ceremony and reception. Having a perfect day that meets your dream wishlist while remaining affordable is possible when you hire the right wedding planning and staging team. Charlotte Wedding Company has a multitude of enchanting options when it comes to your catering menu, flowers, live entertainment, decor, music choices and everything in between.

Speaking of music, have you heard of “Marryoke” yet? It’s a mash-up of a wedding video and karaoke, hence the name. You create a musical montage featuring your family and friends lip-syncing to the song of your choice to immortalize your wedding day. It’s a fresh and fun memento that will be a joy to watch over and over again. Here’s more info about this hot wedding trend:

 The bride, groom and their loved ones all get to star in their very own pop video by miming along to their favorite track.

The footage is then cleverly interwoven with video of all the traditional features of the happy day, from the groom waiting at the altar for his bride, to the wedding ceremony and onto the reception afterwards. It’s supposed to be the happiest day of your life, so there’s no wonder that newlyweds have always wanted to have a permanent record of the day.

But marryoke is certainly a step up from a formal photo on the steps of the church.

“There has been a real shift in wedding’s recently,” says marryoke maker Billy May. “People are constantly looking for something that’s unique so there’s a real competitive element going on. People search for something different at their weddings, whether it’s with the flowers, or the cake, the wedding favours or the video. There’s also a social media element where people want to upload photos and videos of the day on Facebook or YouTube.” Read more at Daily Mail

Introducing the satellite bar—in addition to your standard mixed drinks, beer and wine setup, this second bar is designated for a special spirit. It’s a great way to personalize the party with your favorite libation, or even serve a tasting of preferred wines. And while there will always be room for craft beers and locally distilled whisky, tequila is totally having a moment.

Make It Yours: Set up a bar that highlights your preferred drink, like champagne or a specialty gin. If you’re down with tequila, try some twists on the classic margarita (hello, grapefruit) or tasteful shooters. Personalize one step further with the presentation: Colored glassware, infused ice cubes or elaborate garnishes (like smoke) will wow. Read more at The Knot

Catering to Your Needs

Charlotte Wedding Company wants to help you create an event that’s as wonderful and unique as you are. We love it when clients bring their magazine clippings, ideas, videos and sketches to the consultation. It helps us to fully understand your concept so we can create the wedding you envision in your dreams. Plus, it makes the meetings even more fun to pore over all the beautiful pictures. We look forward to adding you to our long list of satisfied customers, like the one below:

This is the best place to call if you are a bride and are looking for perfection and great service. Jerri was AMAZING. She planned everything from the food to the flowers. She even helped us get a honeymoon spot and venue. All of our guests LOVED the food and our photographer was awesome. Everything was so effortless and stress-free. Brides contact her ASAP. See more reviews at Yelp

Call us today and let’s get started customizing your wedding and reception. Our all-inclusive packages include planning, decorating, catering and more. We can even hire the photographer, book the DJ and arrange limo service. All you have to do for your wedding is show up. Call 704-823-7806 or use the Contact form on this page to schedule a free consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.