Enjoy Your Ultimate Country Chic Wedding

Dreaming of a beautiful country chic wedding? You’re not alone — they’re super popular now. If you put The Charlotte Wedding Company in charge of your special day you can trust that every rustic detail — from the venue to the decorations to the food and everything in between — will be completely taken care of by our professional team. We will deliver your entire country chic wedding on-budget and wrapped in a burlap bow.

Here’s a closer look at some country chic weddings other couples have enjoyed:

The wedding had a really relaxed vibe and the ‘hoedown’ theme really got the party started! “I guess our theme was country and bluegrass,” the bride concluded, “from the Johnny Cash inspired ceremony music and readings, mixed with the rustic and rural charm of the US deep south – gingham, jam jars, JD bottles, banjos, barbequed meat and wild west lettering and signs. And of course, some cowboy boots thrown in there for good measure!” Read more at Rock N Roll Bride

A Venue to Remember

Our experienced crew has the skinny on all the best locations to host your wedding or next big celebration. We work with a multitude of local vendors and have established wonderful connections to bring your gathering together on time and on budget. If an expansive retro barn will provide your dream backdrop, we’ve got options. If you are seeking a more modern and sleek country vibe, we can do that too. Whatever the vision, whatever the occasion, you will get the best result for the best rate by booking with us instead of assembling your event piecemeal on your own.

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A Place to Feast and Dance the Night Away

One of the great things about renting a farm, a barn or rural recreational hall is that the space itself is a major decor element. The mood for your event is set before a single item of decoration is placed; everything that’s added just increases the impact. As a side bonus, you can often avoid feeling cramped and crowded or worrying about guest parking when you opt for some countryside opulence. They call it the “wide open spaces” for a reason, you know.

From Linens to Lighting

You will save yourself time and money from trying to track down a rental company that suits your needs if you simply call us first. When we handle a wedding or event, our expansive list of accessories — tables, chairs, linens, glasses, plates, flatware, serving dishes and utensils, lighting, decorations and much more — encompass every need you may have. We offer a variety of packages to keep your wedding, family reunion or social gathering fun and stress free. We will help you see your vision for your event clearly and deliver it just the way you imagined.

wedding planner wedding coordinator catering flowers decoration events charlotte nc

Every Detail…Done and Done

The Charlotte Wedding Company can take care of your wedding cake, photography, decorations, flowers, catering, bartending, band or DJ booking, setup and breakdown, car service to and from the venue — everything that’s needed to make your wedding, reception or event unforgettable.

Our packages cover every detail so all you have to do is show up and focus on family and friends. Call 704-201-5285 or use the Contact form on the homepage to schedule a free consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.